Rolling Along (JE – 116)

Average Weight – 183lbs



  • Sun – Off
  • Mon – Chest/Abs
  • Tue – Back
  • Wed- Legs
  • Thur- Shoulders/Traps/Abs
  • Fri – Arms
  • Sat – Cardio / Abs

My first week of the new Bro Split. I didn’t break any existing plateaus in terms of strength, but greatly enjoyed the split. There is a level of fatigue that is hard to reach, but I’ve only been able to reach it by focusing all my effort into one muscle group. This fatigue is basically a shaking in the muscle and basically not being able to do anything else for that muscle group. For example, on chest day I tried to do pushups after my workout and got about 2 reps. I usually get around 50+ when I’m fresh. This means that my chest was DONE and my mission was accomplished in the gym. If I was able to knock out 50+ pushups after my workout, then your workout was probably ineffective at breaking down the chest.

I may also replace Deadlifts with DB Rows for my heavy sets (4×6 reps). The reason is everytime I do heavy deadlifts, I get massive CNS fatigue the next day. The best way I can explain this fatigue is feeling weak, no desire to lift, strength decrease and a few others. The point is doing these deadlifts decreases my desire to lift the next day. The solution get rid of them. Deadlifts are very effective, but the after effects for me are not good, so I’m going to ditch them for now. DB Rows are one of my favorite exercises, so its not a big deal.

I also did about 10-15 minutes of cardio before each workout to prepare me for lifting. I skipped this cardio on leg day and regretted it. I wasn’t nearly as pumped to lift and my muscles took longer to warmup.

One thing I may add, is one tricep/bicep movement to the end of chest/back day. Since arms are really fatigued at this point and I dont hit them directly until Friday, it would be a good way to get some extra volume in.


Lean Meat  Vegetables Bush baked beans Sweet Potato Crackers
Lean Meat
Bush baked beans
Sweet Potato Crackers
Chicken Pasta
Chicken Pasta
Egg Whites Veggies Toast
Egg Whites
Bertuccis' Calzone with Salad
Bertuccis’ Calzone with Salad
Gourmet Cheesecake Protein bar (Quest bars still better) Sort of tasted like wet strawberry pound cake
Gourmet Cheesecake Protein bar
(Quest bars still better)
Sort of tasted like wet strawberry pound cake

Weekly Macros Average: 2400 calories/ Carbs 220-260 grams / Protein 180-210 grams / Fats 45-52 grams

Protein has been higher than I planned all week, but not a huge deal. As long as the protein and carbs are high and fat intake kept in the sweet spot, the exact numbers dont really bother me that much.

Learned some interesting facts about Cortisol this week, that any chronic dieters or just chronic stress cases could benefit from learning. Here are some cliff notes:

  • Elevated Cortisol (chronic) interferes with the hypothalamus (control center for brain) and can induce hormone resistance by making the hormone receptors resistant to the messages they should be receiving
  • Cortisol shuts down goal oreinted behaviors and increases the pleasure centers of brain (food cravings)
  • Releases a new hormone called NPY to be released (a new hormone that stores fat) and causes immature fat cells to grow into mature fat cells
  • Thyroid gland (master metabolic controller) shrinks while the adrenal gland grows in size (adrenal gland manufactures stress hormones)
  • When cortisol is always high, sexual hormones and feel good (happiness) hormones are generally low or non-existent

These are the negatives of excessive amounts of cortisol, but excessive amounts of anything are bad. Cortisol is a double edged sword though, so you dont want Low cortisol all the time. Cortisol is very good under some circumstances:

  • Exercise when part of healthy diet is a very good stress to the body and the cortisol released during the workout is very beneficial for breaking down fat (not the case if you combine exercise with a low calorie / starvation / low carb diet)
  • Cortisol actually increases memory under certain conditions. If you never had cortisol, you wouldnt have nearly as many memories.
  • It helps wake you up and keeps you alert.
  • There are many other positives, but the point is cortisol should be kept under control so the benefits can be had without the extreme negative consqeunces.

Another thing to help manage cortisol is to slow your brain waves everyday. Lets say you have an extremly busy stressful day. Once you get a home you need to unwind and clear your head, otherwise the cortisol thats been circulating through your head all day will continue into the night and maybe even effect sleep. If you unwind with stress management techniques or even have a few drinks, then you slow down these brain waves and destress the mind, which will allow you to tackle whatever is bothering you the next day instead of stressing about it to no end.




Red Brake Calipers on my Audi. Look awesome contrasted with the black wheel.

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