Journal Entry 113 – Weekly Post 13

Morning Weight – 183 lbs




Su – None

M – None (Snow day)

T – Bench and Push Muscles Days

W – Deadlift Day – Pull Muscles

R – Cardio

F – Shoulder Press Day – Push Muscles

Sa- Cardio

Another messed up week of training due to the snow. Since its March its bound to be over here soon, but who knows. Really looking forward to starting my routine without interruption.

Bench Plateaued as well this week; still hovering around 205lbs for 4 reps, so really want to bust through that.  Going to start upping my calories to see if that will initiate more growth.

One major addition I’m adding to my routine is cardio. I plan on adding a mile every day as a warmup before lifting and on off days I plan to do 30 minutes or about 3 miles. I’m not really doing the cardio for calorie/fat burning, but more so for the following reasons.

  1. Increased insulin sensitivity – basically this means as I eat more calories to increase muscle growth cardio will help partition those nutrients toward muscle and away from fat
  2. Increased mitochondria in the cell and enhanced energy production – basically allows you to produce energy more efficiently
  3. Reduces soreness and clears metabolic waste products (from lifting) from the blood, which enhances and speeds muscle growth and recovery.

Cardio may be pretty worthless for fat burning in the long term, but its got way too many other benefits to skip out on. I plan on keeping it moderate though, because excess cardio can definitely interfere with muscle gains.

Still havent finalized my split details yet, but it will most likely be a 5 day split with 2 cardio days. Pull/Push/Legs/Cardio/Pull/Push/Cardio is most likely going to be the split. Each day will start off with one main lift with max weight then rest of the sets will be 3 sets of 6-8 reps and then the fourth set I’ll drop the weight and do 12-15 reps at the end of each exercise


Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Chicken Supreme
Pizza Hut Stuffed Crust Chicken Supreme
Mongolian Grill Tons of meat and veggies White rice Crab Rangoon
Mongolian Grill
Tons of meat and veggies
White rice
Crab Rangoon
Trader Joe's Wine of the Night
Trader Joe’s Wine of the Night
Mongolian Grill Again Hit it up twice this week
Mongolian Grill Again
Hit it up twice this week

I must admit my nutrition has been subpar, due to my schedule. My schedule last week was all over the place and I really didnt have the time to make sure I was hitting my macros. I  just ate in a range of 2000-2500 calories each day, but due to my ability to “eye” foods I guarantee it came out close to my goal.


Couple of quotes I found inspiring this week. The first was from Morepheus from the Matrix: “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” It actually means a lot if you stop and think about it. Esstenially you can have all the knowledge in the world, but if you dont use it, then its a waste. The people that use the power are the ones that become great.

Another is one I created, due to talking to a friend this weekend.  He’s about 215lbs with 8% bodyfat, yet he thinks he is small because he compares himself to his father who is an extremely strong bodybuilder who does steroids. The quote is “Perfection is a moving target, so it can never be hit.” It means perfection is different to everyone, so no one can ever be perfect. Even people you look up to, they themselves look up to someone else. There is always going to be somebody better than you, no matter how hard you try, so being perfect doesnt exist.



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