Journal Entry 112 – Weekly Post 12

Morning Weight – 182lbs average


Workout Schedule

  • Sunday – Chest and Triceps
  • Deload Week
  • Friday – Push Muscles – Chest, Tris and Shoulders

For the first time ever I did a deload week this week. It was one of the few times I felt like I really needed to take one. A deload week is a brief period of time (usually a 4-7 days) where you either dont lift at all or back way off the usual amount of weight you usually lift. I elected to take 4 days off. The main reason was because I was extremely sore all over and I wasnt healing. My back was killing me on Tuesday of this week, yet the last time I lifted back was Wednesday of last week. That to me signaled something was way off. I also noticed that I took ZERO rest days last week and obviously that’s not too good for recovery.

So lesson learned rest days really are crucial, even if you don’t feel like taking one. For exercise this week I did some weighted vest incline walking for about 40-45 minutes. I actually somewhat enjoyed the walks and taking a brief time off from lifting. By Friday I was extremely pumped to start lifting again. I also used the extra time off to devise a plan that I’m going to use for the rest of the year.

2014 Recomposition Plan of attack:

My goal this year is to more or less stay around 180-185 lbs at 10% bodyfat. My current stats are about 182 lbs at 12% bodyfat. This means that I need to lose fat and build muscle to achieve my desired look. I plan to do this by cycling my diet in the following fashion:

  • Without getting too complex my maintenance calories without exercise is BW x 12 = 2150 calories. This will be my base amount that I will use.
  • On my cardio days (which are crucial to give muscles days off from lifting) are -20% under my maintenance at around 1800 to 1700 calories a day. I will also do a 40 minute incline walk to burn additional calories without stressing out my body too much (such as not jogging or running) to add to the deficit. Total calories burn for the whole day is around 2500 calories, which means my deficit for the day should be about -700 calories. These days will be done 2 days a week in between lifting days.
  • On my lifting days, which I have backed off to 4 days a week will be 20% above my sedentary maintenance. So total calories for this day will be around 2600-2700 calories. Lifting doesnt burn too many calories and I’m only shooting for +200 calories over my active maintenance of 2500 calories. This will be enough to generate small amounts of muscle gain without too much fat.
  • Alternating these two days has many advantages. The Cardio/low calorie days will take off any fat I gain on the high days. They also serve as active recovery and days off from lifting. These days are crucial to gaining muscle without getting fat. These low days are also high enough in protein and carbs, so no muscle loss will occur, only fat.
  • The Lift/High Calorie days also serve many purposes. One is they build muscle. Two is that it upregulates metabolism, which boosts leptin, sex drive and fat burning hormones. Three it prevents plateaus of too many low calorie days for the reason just listed.
  • These two days complement eachother. Meaning if you only did low days, adaptive thermogenesis would ensure that those days stopped working. If I only did high days, I would have a very fast metabolism, gain lots of weight and muscle, but would also gain fat.
  • Here is the routine below:
  • Su – Pull – Squats – Low day at 1800 calories / bw x 1 in carbsM – Push – Bench – High day at 2600 calories / bw x 2 in carbs

    T – Cardio  day – Low day at 1800 calories

    W – Pull – Deadlifts – High Day at 2600 calories

    TR – Cardio day – Low day at 1800 calories

    F – Push day – BB Shoulder Press -High – 2600 calories (Alc included)

    SA – Off day – moderate day at about 22-2400 calories (maintenance)

  • I had to make one lifting day a low day, so that the plan could be perfectly balanced with 3 high muscle building days, 3 low calorie fat burning days and 1 maintenance day on Saturday.
  • I will provide the details of the workout next week to prevent this plan from being too long.
  • For Macros High days will be 2700 calories 360 carbs / 180 protein / 50 fat
  • For Low Days will be 1800 calories 180 carbs / 180 protein / 50 fat
  • Projected Results: 2lbs of fat lost per month and .5 of muscle gained per month; over a year (24lbs of fat lost, 6 lbs of pure muscle gained) Not bad.


IMG_3099 IMG_3119

This week was lower in calories at around 1800 for the whole week, until my first lifting day on Friday which is was around 2600.


IMG_3090 IMG_3091

Finished paying off my laptop and realized I wasnt paying for anything. I need to get my credit up and the best way to do that is to buy things and pay them on time. I needed a huge upgrade to my car ( I had a ponitac sunfire) so I researced some cars in my area and bought a new car on Saturday. Audi TT roadster. This car is SICK. Found an awesome deal on it and didn’t drag my feet on it, because if I did someone else would have quickly bought it.

The Audi is a black convertible with black rims. Tan leather and turbo charged engine that gets up to 160 mph and handles incredible. I’ve never driven a car this fast. Never thought I’d be able to get an audi, but the deal I got was too good to be true. The previous owner was a rich guy that drove for lesiure on the weekends, so its still in really good shape. Going to be awesome driving this thing around.

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