Journal Entry 110 – Weekly Update 10

Morning Weight – 181lbs



  • Chest/Arms
  • Legs/Abs
  • Back/Shoulders/Traps
  • Off
  • Off
  • Chest/Triceps
  • Back/Biceps

For some reason my bench has dropped big time. I think im trying to hit it a little too frequently, so I am going to hit the chest every 4th day and focus more on other muscles. It was crazy has fast it went up, but recently stalled big time. Even 205lbs felt heavy for 6 reps, which doesnt make any sense.

I liked this split, but I ran into some issues with it. Anytime I have to train 3 muscle groups a day, the workout takes too long and I do too much volume for each bodypart. Also the intensity of the main lifts for each muscle group is drastically reduced. The solution for this is to drop back to 2 muscle groups a day to give each more attention and give each major muscle group its own day. I’m pretty pumped about this plan I put together and plan to stay on it for a long time.

The plan is a rotational split. Meaning that it doesnt matter what day of the week it is, I’m just going to follow each day in a cycle and repeat the cycle once completed. Each day will have a main focus for a main muscle group and a small muscle group paired after I hit the main. The split will look like this:

  • Chest and Triceps (Bench Press Foucs)
  • Back/traps and Abs (Deadlift/Rack pull focus)
  • Shoulders and Biceps (Military Press Focus)
  • Legs and Abs (Squat Focus)

This will give enough rest in between workouts so when I do hit the muscle group it will be ready to go off. This split can also be done without rest days. I also like the fact that if snow cancels my workout, then my whole schedule doesnt get messed up and I can just do the workout I would have done on the snow day without skipping that muscle group instead to “stay on schedule.”

Another reason I really like this split is the shoulders and biceps day. These are two muscle groups that give me the most headaches when desining a routine. Shoulders get worked on chest day and rear delts get worked to a small degree on back day. The problem is if I stick them on Chest day the workout is ineffective because the bench press fatigued them already. Same for Biceps which are greatly fatigued after doing all my back exercises. By placing theses muscle groups on their own day and allowing a day of rest between shoulders and chest, the workout will be much more effective from a strength standpoint.


IMG_3045 IMG_3040 IMG_3039 IMG_3046 IMG_3050 IMG_3066 IMG_3068

I was looking at my macros over the course of the week and noticed something that may need to be fixed. I’ve been averaging my bodyweight in protein or a little less around 140-180 grams depending on the day. But what I noticed is that this total includes incidentals from things such as oatmeal and vegetables. In other words, the “high quality protein” from meat and protein powder is somewhat low in my diet. Probably around 100 grams or so. I was reading some tips on this and many bodybuilders I respect suggest eating your bodyweight in protein from high quality sources and NOT count the incidentals. This would mean my protein intake would be much higher (maybe even around 1.5 grams per bodyweight), but when you factor out the incidentals it would seem to be about right. I may have to reduce the carbs to make more room for protein, but I’m still going to keep the carbs high. What’s funny is I always knew that this was the case (ignore incidentals), but I was really surprised to see just how high those were in my diet. Its a simple fix though – add in an extra tablespoon of protein powder to my oats and 2-3 ounces of meat at each meal.

Saw another video from John Gorman on how to refeed. Love to see different perspectives on how coaches do this. He recommended adding in 25 grams of carbs each week until maintenance is reached. This seems to be the most popular way to go about it, but most likely not the quickest. I think every 5 days with a 100 calorie jump could be successful, but staying on a weekly schedule is much easier.

One thing I want to bring up too this week is some of the PhD doctors I see on news shows giving advice to people. 90% of these people are fat. I’m not being mean, but simply stating a fact. These guys have the biggest guts and some have double chins. How exactly do you expect someone to take what you say with any seriousness if you look like that? They usually pin all the blame on outdated advice as well, like blaming carbs for everything. I’d argue polyunsaturated fats from refined oils which are in everything is the main reason they are fat, yet the never mention anything about these. Its all “carbs” doing the damage. If these guys are so smart then why are they overweight? Sorry for the rant, but everytime I see these doctors and their terrible information it just annoys me and also confuses me as to how these guys can be taken seriously.

Also saw a story this week of the Biggest Loser contestant losing too much weight. So basically you put someone on a very low calorie starvation diet and 6 hours of exercise a day and then blame them for losing “too much” weight. UMMM what? She did exactly what you told her to do and then blame here for taking it to far. Greeeat trainers on that show. By the way, also saw a study that was a follow up of the contestants on the show and nearly every single one of them gained weight back. They didnt gain it all back, but a lot of it. They also greatly down regulated their BMR. In other words, welcome to starvation mode and not being able to function normally. Extreme diets paired with Extreme exercise is very effective for short term weight loss and long term weight gain. In other words, its almost like a drug. Very quick and promising results at first and then a long slow crash that the user may never be able to recover from. I wonder if the show helps them maintain the weight loss. (probably not)


In other news, lost my college ring this week. This really sucks and I’m most likely going to have to buy a new one for about $6-700. I have no clue where it went, but the last time I saw it, it was in my gym. Then it vanished. Maybe I’ll get lucky and get a replacement for a lesser amount or even luckier and hope the thing turns up.

Also, Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 3 for PS2 could be one of the greatest games ever made. Just saying.

Winter snow came in this week and gave me my first day off as a professional. I’ll take it.


4 thoughts on “Journal Entry 110 – Weekly Update 10

  1. Aly GarlicHands

    I struggle with the same thing. I try work major muscle groups no more than 2x a week; so day 1 might be upper body, day 2 would be lower and third day off. Also, on days where I lift weights I do the cardio after so I don’t burn off all my energy. Last eating carbs several hours prior helps.


    • Michael Cocchiola

      Yeah I like doing a one mile cardio warmup before I lift to wake up the Central Nervous System, which actually makes the muscles stronger.

      An Upper/Lower Split it very good from a Non-Overuse standpoint because the upperbody is given rest on the off days and lower days. If you swtich to a more body part split type or routine then you run into trouble with overusing certain muscles.

      And yeah I’ve been eating carbs in just about every meal except maybe snacks, but the strength increase I’ve gotten is off the chart.


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