Journal Entry 109 – Weekly Update 9

Morning Weight – 180lbs


Workout Schedule

  • Chest/Biceps
  • Off
  • Back/Shoulders
  • Legs/Abs
  • Chest and Triceps
  • Back/ Traps and Biceps

Pretty random training schedule here recently. These past few weeks I’ve been playing around with some different splits to see which one I like the best and still haven’t found one to beat the old go-to of: chest/tris, back/bis and legs/abs with shoulders thrown in on either back day or chest day.

This week I am going to try another new split out just to keep the experiment going. The layout will look like this:

  • Cardio Before workout 5-10 minutes
  • Stretch
  • Pyramid Set – MAIN Move
  • Chest/Arms – Bench
  • Legs – Abs – Sqaut
  • Shoulders- Back – Traps – Shoulder Press emphasis
  • Cardio and ABS (Inc Walk 30 min cardio with AB Circuit)
  • Chest/Arms – Bench and Dips
  • Back-Traps-Shoulders – Back emphasis – Rear Delts
  • Off

So only one built in off day on Saturday, but this split allows me to hit all muscle groups, except legs twice a week. I have found when it comes to legs that hitting them more than once a week can really drain your energy levels and CNS. Especially if your leg routine is squats and lunges and not leg extentions and curls. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Didn’t set any PR’s this week, which sucked, but expecting to set a PR every workout is foolish. If that were the case I would be benching 1000lbs in no time.

Another change I may try this week is slightly bumping up the volume and reps and lowering the weights. So instead of failing on the 6th-8th rep I plan to fail on the 10th-12th rep. My goal is to get a weight that I can get no more than 12 reps, but more than 8 reps. Probably 10 reps if you averaged it out. ๐Ÿ˜‰


IMG_2939 IMG_2940 IMG_2925 IMG_2927

To make things easier, I am going to try something new with my nutrition. I plan on eating 3 main meals a day and one snack. So it would be:

  • Oatmeal, Fruit and Protein Powder for Breakfast – Take Vitamins
  • Meat and Rice or Rice Cakes with Vegetables for Lunch – Take Vitamins
  • Quest Bar and Salad during Lunch Break
  • Meat and (rice, potatoes or pasta) for Dinner

Very simple diet plan, but it would easily allow me to cook and prepare food and makes thing really easy. I also want to vary the starch source in each meal to avoid monotony. I do have oatmeal for breakfast each morning, but that’s hard to replace. Rice and Pasta is easier to take with me to work, so I’ll most likely do that for lunch and have potatoes for dinner. Not that I have to vary the source in each meal, but its something I want to try this week.

Meals, Macros and Calories were same as last week, only thing that changes is the amount of carbs based on the workout for that day

Tried some new recipes this week, Thanks to Michael Kory’s Fitness Channel.

First was Macaroni and Cheese with pasta, fat free cheese and greek yogurt. Very good low fat verzion of a really good food.

Second was some nachos, which were awesome as well.

Quick Tip: if you struggle to get in enough protein, sprinkle some Kraft Fat Free Shredded Cheddar Cheese on your food. It has 9 grams of protein, 2 grams of carbs and 0 grams of fat. Basically a protein supplement.

Another tip is a really, really easy way to calculate calories for just about everyone:

  • To maintain weight each day with NO workouts take your Bodyweight x 12. Even overweight people that barely move should use this multiplier.
  • Example 180lb x 12 = 2160 calories
  • If you workout your calorie multiplier increases for the day to 13.5 -14.
  • Example 180lbs x 13.75 = 2500 calories
  • If you want to lose fat with NO workout for the day take your body weight and multiply it by 9.
  • Example 180x 9 = 1600 calories (net 500 calorie deficit for the day)
  • If you want to lose fat WITH a workout take body weight times 10-11 or 10.5.
  • Example 180×10.5 = 1900 calories
  • If you want to build muscle with NO workout then eat bodyweight x12
  • Example from above – 2160 calories
  • If you want to build muscle WITH a workout and Not get Fat:
  • Example from above – 2500-2600 calories (bodyweight multiplier 14)

This is the most accurate way I’ve seen to calculate calories. Doing it this way allows you to adjust on a day to day basis and many calculators I’ve seen are way too high for most people. These calculator drastically overestimate calories burned during exercise. For example, lets say I take a rest day and eat 2500 calories to build muscle, since my calories for the day are (180×12 = 2120 calories) I would be in 400 calorie surplus for the day. Thats too much and I would wake up looking puffy after eating that much over my needs. Yet if I worked out that day, my calories needs would be 2500 calories and I would need to take in that much in order to build muscle and not lose weight.

In other words, use the Bodyweight x12 multiplier and adjust calories based on the day. If you want to build muscle, then cover your needs and eat around 2120 calories or maintenance on rest days. If you want to lose fat subtract 500 calories from your total for the day.

To gain muscle I recommend eating ย what your burn for that day. For example, if I workout and burn 2500 calories total for the day then I would eat 2500-2600 calories to build muscle. I’ve noticed if jump to 27-2800 calories to “build more muscle” I wake up looking puffy and bloated, almost like after a cheat day, because I just ate too much. If you eat too much then your body is going to build muscle, but its also going to get fat. As long as protein synthesis is greater than protein breakdown the body will build muscle and it doesn’t require a massive surplus to do this. I found as long as I cover my needs for the day I wake up looking leaner and much better than overdoing it.

I’ve even seen some recommendations to go 30% over maintenance to build muscle faster. Not a good idea. If this statement were logical you could just go workout and eat 20000 calories of carbs and protein and wake up looking like Hugh Jackman from the Wolverine. Yeah that’s not the way it works. Once you give your body enough nutrition to grow for the day, any more is stored as fat or burnt off as heat.

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