Journal Entry 107 – Journal Entry 7

Morning Weight – 180 lbs (Averaged)


Workout Schedule

  • Chest and Triceps
  • Back and Biceps
  • Off
  • Chest/Legs/Triceps/Abs (Heavy)
  • Shoulders/Back/Biceps/Abs (Hypertrophy)

Benched a Personal Best 215lbs for 3 reps this week on Barbell Bench. Felt real easy, which is an awesome feeling. Even 185lbs which I use to struggle with is now my warmup basically. Dips I added 50lbs around my waist for a total of 225lbs (my bodyweight x 50lbs) and lunges were 50lb DB’s in each hand for 6 reps on each leg.

I’ve changed my routine a little, but I’m pretty pumped about it. Its got two strength days (heavy weights, low reps) and two hypertrophy days (multiple sets, multiple exercises, moderate weight) to build muscle size. The two days complement each other and their both spread 4 days apart, which is basically the fastest you can hit two muscle groups in order to train it enough, while giving the muscles enough rest.

On the Strength Days I only do 6 main compound moves. These main moves are split into two days with three exercises each. The point it to limit all exercises, but the ones I want to improve the most. The exercises are:

  • Barbell Bench – Chest
  • Dips – Triceps
  • DB Military Press – Shoulders
  • Lunges – Legs
  • Rack Pull – Back
  • BB Curl – Biceps

Here is the new Split:

SU – Hypertrophy Chest/Tris/Abs

M – Heavy Shoulders/Back/Biceps/Abs


W – Heavy Chest/ Legs/ Tris/Abs


F – Hypertrophy Shoulders/Back/Biceps/Abs


The hypertrophy days have 3 moves for each body part at around 3- 4 sets for 8-12 reps and one high rep move at the end for 3 sets of 15 reps.

By separating and focusing exclusively on strength one day and size on the next, I’m interested to see how my body responds. My goal this year is to be able to hit 225lbs for 8 reps and at the rate I’m going I should be able to get that by summer.


IMG_2963 IMG_2962 IMG_2961 IMG_2960

Calories this week averaged about 2600 calories, 300 carbs, 150 protein and 45 grams of fat. Some nights I have a little rum and diet coke and havent gained tons of fat and lost muscle as some bodybuilders have you believe if you drink even a little alcohol ;).

Really driving the carbs high though, especially with Oatmeal, Protein Powder and Bananas. This is my go to meal here recently and it tastes incredible. One thing I have noticed after increasing my carbs is that my consumption of meat and vegetables has gone way down. I still get my protein in, but I feel like I dont need nearly as much as I did on a lower carb type diet. Another good thing about the oats (and all starches and fruits for that matter) is the fact that they are the cheapest foods on the planet. Fine with me. 🙂

As for research this week, I did a little more digging on the fatty acid ratio. On a low fat diet, its not nearly important as it is on high fat diet. Omega 3’s should be kept around 1.5 grams of EPA/DHA, which is about 5 pills of fish oil. More than this isn’t necessary and may start to become harmful.  If you eat a ZERO amount of polyunsaturated (almost impossible unless you eat only fruit and vegetables) then you dont need any fish oil at all, since your Omega 6 ratio is so low. Bottom line most people in a balanced diet should keep polyunsaturated fat to 10 grams or less a day and taking 1.5 grams of Omega 3 fish oil will greatly help lower the damage these fats cause.

I totaled my Poly intake up and it was around 10 grams a day. So I make sure to take my fish oils. The rest of the fat I eat comes from monounsaturated and saturated fats, which are by far healthier. Most of the Poly’s I eat come from incidentals from – Protein powder, Oatmeal and other grains. If you eat a lot of processed foods (crackers, chips, cookies) odds are your polyunsaturated intake is very high. The way to minimize this is to buy low to non fat sources of processed foods or just don’t buy them at all.

The best way to lower your intake of these bad fats is to eat more coconut, cocoa butter, red meat and other ruminant animals (not chicken and turkey, but think cows, buffalo, bison) or just eat lean meats with very low fats and add in some butter for flavor.

The best foods to AVOID is poultry fat (notice I said poultry fat, lean white meat chicken breast isn’t a problem, because all of the negatives come from the fat content of the chicken, in other words avoid dark meat and chicken skin), avoid excess nuts and seeds (these are pretty high in calories and fat anyway), organ meats (liver) and excess egg yolks. The eggs came as bit of a shock to me because the eggs have some many positive aspects, which I wrote an article on a while ago, but they also have an insane amount of arachidonic acid. This acid has a lot of negatives associated with it and having too many eggs can have drawbacks even though its a very nutrient dense food. To get the benefits of egg yolks try to limit it to one a day, to avoid some of the negative side effects its brings.

The reason that chicken fat, turkey fat, excess salmon and fatty fish, and eggs are bad is because when they are being raised on farms they are fed soy and corn feed. When these animals eat this feed they absorb it into their fat cells. So when we eat their fat, we are getting the same crappy food they were fed. I hate to sound like an organic hippy, but it is true. The best way to avoid this problem is to eat lean cuts of  poultry meat of stick to red meat. The reason red meat is fine, is because cows and ruminant animals process these fats differently, so they arent harmful when we eat them.  Eggs are in the same boat as chicken. If you like eggs or want to start eating them it may be worth investing in some Organic, omega 3 eggs. Since the organic chickens were fed healthier feed, they dont bring the same negatives that the cheap, mass produced eggs bring. If you are just eating the whites then buy the cheap, mass produced versions as all the harmful effects come from the fat content.

One final point I want to bring up – Carbs and sugar in the absence of polyunsaturated fat and all fat for that matter is not fattening at all. Many processed foods that are high in carbs are also high  in fat. Example – French Fries, Hamburgers, cheesecake, all desserts, doughuts, processed snacks. These foods get blamed for being fattening carb sources. Uhhh these arent just carb sources there also high fat bombs and not the healthy kinds of fat either. Find me an obese person that got fat from eating large amounts of starches, fruits and lean meats (in other words a high carb, low fat diet). You probably couldnt do it, because there isnt one. It just kind of annoys me that researchers blame carbs for everything, when its the high intake of bad fats thats the real reason people are fat. By the way, some people feast on low fat junk that contains a good amount of polyunsaturated fat in it. Eat enough of these “low fat processed foods” and your fat intake still gets very high without you even realizing it.

Bottom Line – Keep polyunsaturated fat low, take 1.5 grams of EPA/DHA Omega 3 pills to balanced the Omega 6 you do ingest and eat more red meat and saturated fat to make the rest of your fat intake. On a low fat diet (about 30% of your bodyweight) the ratio may not be as important as it would on a higher fat diet.



First major snow of the year and its been sub-freezing here all week. Also, started to look at apartments this week and should be moving into one soon.

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