Journal Entry 106 – Weekly Update 6

Morning Weight – 178-180lbs (Average)



  • Chest/Triceps
  • Back/Biceps
  • Off
  • Shoulders/Upper Chest/Traps
  • Off
  • Full Body Hypertrophy
  • Off

I really like this split.

Bench Press I hit 210lbs for 4 reps. Next week I’m going to add in Rack Pulls (a form of deadlift, which limits range of motion and hits more back than hamstring) to get my back strength going again. Shoulders will be done seated with Dumbbells. I really like the standing barbell shoulder press, but my lower back really limits the weight I can lift, so in order not to limit my shoulder strength and size, I’m going to do them seated.


Clif bar - good flavor, but a little too much soy for regular consumption
Clif bar – good flavor, but a little too much soy for regular consumption
Refried beans, mixed with chicken, lean beef, onions and salsa.
Refried beans, mixed with chicken, lean beef, onions and salsa.
Lean Red Meat Onions Ezekiel Bread Sweet Potatoes
Lean Red Meat
Ezekiel Bread
Sweet Potatoes
Chocolate Oatmeal with Fruit
Chocolate Oatmeal with Fruit
Pre- Workout. Good during workout, but a little nausea after.
Pre- Workout. Good during workout, but a little nausea after.

I have reached the end of my two week diet break and I really did enjoy it. Calories averaged about 2600 calories with weekends hitting about 2800.  Carbs were  around 300-350 grams a day, Protein was around 150-170 grams (usually lower though), and Fat averaged about 50 grams most days. (although some were more and some were less)

My plan going forward is to continue eating this way 5 days a week on all of my lifting days and one of my OFF days. I want to hit around 350 Carbs / 180 Protein / 50 fat which averages out to 2600 calories a day.  On two of my off days, probably Tuesday and Thursday, I will just eat protein and vegetables with calories around ten x body weight.  Doing this will prevent any fat gain from being accumulated from the higher calorie days. Since my fat intake is relatively low and carbs and protein is high, the fat gain should be pretty minimal, but some is still likely to occur.  With a faster metabolism on the other 5 days, the 2 low days should not only prevent fat gain, but may even allow me to lose fat while increasing my bodyweight/muscle.

When it comes to sources most of my carbs are starches (mainly oatmeal, bread, potatoes, rice, beans and corn tortillas) but I dont shy away from fruit and sugar. Fruit probably average 2 pieces a day (maybe more) and sugar is usually incidental, but I dont go out of my way to avoid it. Protein is from lean meats and protein powder plus incidentals from starches. Fat is usually incidental (meaning the naturally occurring fats in the food I eat) and from protein bars.

A few things I’ve noticed from the two week diet break:

  • In the past I use to try and hit my numbers almost dead on, but now I’ll just diet in ranges. For example, Carbs at 300-350 grams vs hitting exactly 325 grams. It really doesnt matter that much.
  • Manipulating Carbs is one of the fastest ways to change your body and mood. I find my mood, energy, concentration and strength are all postively correlated with carbs. In the absence of carbs, I become more stressed, irrtated and find myself in worse moods. My muscular endurance (reps) go way down as well.
  • I didnt gain a single ounce of fat, even though according to some nutritionists, I was eating one of the most lipogenic substances on the face of the planet. (shows how stupid these people really are)
  • Overeating on carbs vs overeating on fat is much better. In the past even though the source of fat was healthy, my strength levels were good, but I looked bloated/fat and muscles looked small. (not a good look) I found it to be the exact opposite when overfeeding on carbs.
  • After some iniital bloat from eating more carbs then I was used to, this quickly subsided and no water retention was noticeable at all even at 350 grams of carbs a day. The same thing happened with sodium. I probably averaged about 4500 mg vs 2400 mg in the past.
  • Aldosterone regulates sodium in the body. This means if you are used to eating 500 mg of sodium a day (this is very low) than the second you eat 1500 mg of sodium in a day, you will bloat like a balloon. On the other hand if your used to eating 5000mg of sodium a day and eat 3000mg, your body will start to flush water and not bloat at all. You can see why its important to maintain on a higher sodium level.
  • The same effect happens with carbs as with sodium. Maintain of 50 grams a day and getting 150grams will make you bloat (insulin based edema) and make you look fat even though its just water retention. Maintain on 350 grams a day and when you drop down to 50grams, all the water in your body will quickly be gone.
  • No one ever got fat from eating a high carb diet with starches and fruit, while keeping fat grams low (especially keeping vegetable oils low). That person got fat from eating high carbs AND high fats. Telling people that carbs make you fat is one of the worst lies I have ever heard. Especially when you tell them as long as you dont eat carbs you can eat all the fat you want. YEAH, let me know how that works out for you in the long run.
  • Quaker Oatmeal weight control and lower sugar packets are probably one of the best tasting foods on the face of the planet.

Another thing I learned about this week is Arachidonic acid. This acid can cause many problems and it becomes a really big problem on high fat diets. Egg Yolks are actually loaded with this acid, as well as poultry fats, nuts and seeds and vegetable oils. In small amounts its nothing to worry about, but if you eat a lot of chicken fat, peanut butter and even the superfood egg yolks. Its something to watch for. Basically it acts as a source of inflammation, that clog up arteries and blood flow, decrease metabolism, and also cause people to develop sensitivities to certain foods. This makes you wonder, whether people are really allergic to certain foods at all, but if they get too much of this in their system, it can cause these allergies to start showing up.

Sedona Taphouse for lunch. Fish and Chicken tacos.
Sedona Taphouse for lunch. Fish and Chicken tacos.

IMG_2955 IMG_2953 IMG_2952 IMG_2948

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