Journal Entry 104 – Weekly Update 4

Morning Weight – 172-173 on Average



  • Chest/Tri
  • Back/Bi
  • Shoulders/Tris
  • Legs and Back

The schedule was the same as last week for the most part.  Stats were similar as well and there weren’t any major changes this week.

I plan on modifying my schedule slightly, but not entirely sure what it will entail yet. I want to add in one additional day though and move some things around.


Oatmeal (instant) Quest bar on top
Oatmeal (instant)
Quest bar on top
Bertucci's Calzone (Half) Salad with Croutons
Bertucci’s Calzone (Half)
Salad with Croutons
2 packets of lower sugar instant oatmeal (Quaker) Berries Chocolate Protein  Almond Milk (tasted like cake) (going to be eating a lot of this on 2 week diet break)
2 packets of lower sugar instant oatmeal (Quaker)
Chocolate Protein
Almond Milk
(tasted like cake) (going to be eating a lot of this on 2 week diet break)
Nachos: Corn Tortilla Lean Red Meat Tomatoes Lettluce
Corn Tortilla
Lean Red Meat
Tomatoes Lettluce

Did a lot of reading this week and really learned a lot of interesting things in nutrition.

First up:

  • Found this back on the Perfect Health Diet website, but it seems that ALL the benefits of cardio are achieved from only 20-30 minutes of cardio a day (moderate intensity).  This is very good news for sedentary people as it shows you don’t need much movement to get a lot of benefit.  The author even stated that doing Double the amount did not provide Double the benefit and in fact may start to harm your health.
  • Also, they found that there was less fat in the blood when a meal was eaten standing up versus sitting down.  Not that I recommend you stand when you eat, but it shows the importance that movement and walking has on burning fat and processing food.
  • They also found that sitting down for more than 2 hours can induce insulin resistance and decrease glucose sensitivity.  Although, this to me seemed a little far fetched.  According to these studies that would mean if your not moving constantly then your storing fat, which is obviously not true.


  • This was just a quick fact, but I found the simpleness of it pretty interesting.
  • Protein + Carbs = Muscle Growth and Protein + Vegetables = Fat Loss
  • It really is that simple when you think about it and people really like to over complicate things (me included)


  • This was the most interesting thing I found and the concept is very interesting: A 2 week diet break.
  • A 2 week diet break or “refeed” is a period of time when you put all the nutrition OCD, such as meal timing and macro-nutrient counting to rest for a 2 week time.  I must admit I will have a hard time doing this, but I am definitely going to try.
  • This has a ton of benefits such as mental relief, physiological relief (diets take a toll), hormone restoration, feel good chemicals, increase testosterone and decrease cortisol. The point is to basically reset the thermostat and just provide a vacation from tracking.
  • The way it works is to eat maintenance (for me 170lbs x 15 = 2500 calories a day) and eat at least 100-150 grams of carbs (carbs are very important for leptin and thyroid).  No cycle type diets, no low calorie days.
  • He states that some hormones could take up to 2 full weeks to normalize.  After this period resume normal dieting or just keep eating maintenance. Some people find that diets aren’t really necessary all the time and should really only be short term types of things, between normal eating.  Sometimes I feel like all I have learned that I’m always on a diet or restricting something, so I may find this period really loosens up my mind a little.
  • My plan for this is to up the starches or carbs, which sometimes take the  back burner on my diet.  I plan to eat around 2500 calories 340 carbs, 170 protein and 40-50 grams of fat. Really looking forward to doing this. Another benefit is dietary variety, which I have been guilty of not having much of.
  • It should also be interesting to see what happens to my lifts, even with a less “precise” approach.


  • Read 2-3 book this week, but the best was 12 Paleo Myths by Matt Stone. Very affordable kindle book on amazon and very easy read, but really interesting stuff.


On an unrelated note, Kevin Gilbride “retired” from the Giants this week. (Thank GOD) Now we can actually start to win a game.  This guys offense was so outdated an ineffective I literally wanted to lose my mind every time I had to watch the BS. (If the offense doesn’t work, doing the same thing over and over isn’t going to make it better. By the way thats the definition of insanity.)




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