Journal Entry 103 – Weekly Update 3

Average Morning Weight – 173 lbs


Weekly Workouts

  • Chest and Triceps
  • Back and Biceps
  • Shoulders and Triceps
  • Full Body

Chest and Triceps focused on Bench Press and Incline Dumbbell Press; Back and Biceps DB rows and Pullups; Shoulders and Triceps were Dips and Shoulder Press; Full body was a little of everything.

Not much new in training and was pretty much the usual set up.  I’ve stopped all direct Ab exercises and replaced them with an exercise called: the Cat Vomit. Terrible name, but its basically supposed to really hit the Transverse Abdominal wall much more so than planks or any other exercise and really strength the core.  I also do stomach vacumms when I’m just sitting around so I have a little strengthening action going on all day long.

Lifting Stats:

Bench Press – 205lbs for 5 reps

Shoulder Press – 60lb DB for 4 reps

Dips 25lbs added for 8 reps (need to increase weight)

Pullups – 25lbs for 6 reps

Also cardio before my workouts (only 5-10 minutes) greatly increases the effectiveness of my workouts.  As soon as I’m done im ready to roll and feel a ton of energy.  Obviously going too long would sap energy and strength, but keeping it short avoids these problems.


Quest bar apple crisp recipe with protein pudding
Eggs Cabbage Tortillas
Christmas Eve meal at Williamsville Eggs Broccoli Casserole Ham Stuffing Roll Salad
Christmas Eve meal at Williamsville
Broccoli Casserole
Christmas Day Filet Mignon Shrimp and Scallops Broccoli
Christmas Day
Filet Mignon
Shrimp and Scallops
Lean Red Meat (been eating a ton here recently) Veggies  Pepperoni
Lean Red Meat (been eating a ton here recently)

Pretty much the same for nutrition here recently although I have picked up a few additional tips.

One is that carbs at night or 2 hours before bed decrease growth hormone levels and make it harder to burn fat while you sleep.  I’ve tested this and I definitely wake up looking better (leaner) if I have a protein/veggie dinner vs a protein/carb type dinner.  Since I still need carbs I plan to move more of these toward lunch and post workout period since I work out much earlier in the afternoon.  In the past I’ve written about approaches that recommend all carbs at night, but after trying this myself it really doesn’t work well for me.  I just wake up looking puffier than if I had the same carbs earlier in the day.

The second is that I have established staples in my diet that I more or less eat every day.  For example:

  • Everyday
  • 2 scoops of protein powder
  • 12oz of lean meat (at least)
  • 1 Quest Bar
  • Vegetables
  • Supplements (MV, Vita D, Magnesium, Fish Oil)

So basically no matter what I eat this everyday as my base diet.  It keeps me on track and I enjoy eating this way.  If I have a workout or a high-carb refeed type of day I will continue to eat these same foods, but will add much more fruit and starches on top of the base diet plan. Protein and Fat grams stay relatively constant at 170grams: 50grams and carbs go up or down depending on the day.

Lastly I saw a really simple/minimalist type template I really like for establishing “bulking or gaining muscle” calories and macros.

Bodyweight in carbs x 2; bodyweight in protein x 1; 1/3 of bodyweight in fat grams

For 170lb man: 340 carbs, 170 protein; 55 fat grams; Calories: 2540 calories.


Reading a book on amazon called Bigger, Stronger, Leaner and most of the book is pretty basic and good for someone that has no former knowledge of training and nutrition, but I have still gained a few valuable tips that I will definitely implement in my plan.  The author also has a nice website and for the price the book is well worth the money.

Christmas day was good and even though I basically knew everything I was getting it was still fun to open presents.  I got an Ipad Air (which is incredible); clothes; and lots of Quest bars. 🙂

Also saw the Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio.  Very interesting movie, and some of the events were hard to believe.  Leo is an awesome actor though.  Usually everything he does I end up liking.  Most likely due to the intensity of his acting, he definelty keeps your interest and becomes the character he is trying to portray.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve

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