Journal Entry 101- Weekly Update 2

Morning Weight on Average – 171.5lbs


Workout Schedule:

SU- Off

M- 0ff

Tuesday – Chest and Back

Wednesday – Shoulders and arms

Thursday – Off

Friday – Cardio warmup / Upper Body and Abs

I missed a day on Monday due to lack of time.  It didnt effect my strength gains though and on Friday I was able to bench 195lbs for 6 reps and 135lbs for 30 reps.

I did a 5 min cardio warmup and it greatly increased my strength and energy levels during the workout.  The cardio and loud music got my ready to lift heavy better than my normal warmup.

One thing I noticed during the week is if I dont include at least a little exercise my energy levels tank. Its like my blood never gets going and I really dont like that feeling.  Next week I plan to make even my off days include some type of short cardio or bodyweight circuit.  Not too much cardio but enough to get the blood going.


EPIC Croutons from Bertuccis
EPIC Croutons from Bertuccis
Olive Garden Shrimp Pasta Crab Rangoon Half of Bertuccis Calzone
Olive Garden Shrimp Pasta
Crab Rangoon
Half of Bertuccis Calzone
6 oz red meat pepperoni Vegetables
6 oz red meat
6 oz red meat  Ton of Cabbage
6 oz red meat
Ton of Cabbage
Pumpkin Protein Pudding  1 apple
Pumpkin Protein Pudding
1 apple

Been hitting about 1600-1800 calories during the week with balance macros.

Interesting Research this week:

I learned about some interesting topics I have never really heard much before this week.

The first is a proper pH acid/base balance in the body.  90% of the foods everyone eats (basically everything except for fruits and vegetables) contribute to a positive acid load in the body.  If not properly balanced many negative side effects could occur such as bone loss, muscle loss, hypothyroid symptoms and just overall lack of energy.  The way to make sure the acid content doesnt get too high is to eat a fruit or vegetable with every meal. (especially if the meal is high in egg yolks, red meat or cheese – as theses are HIGHLY acidic).  Two foods that are very counter active against acid is raisins and spinach.  The rest of the fruits and veggies are about the same.  Nothing groundbreaking here, but found it interesting that not eating enough fruits/vegetables could greatly increase fatigue even if enough calories are eaten.

The second is about resistant starch.  There has been a huge surge of research on the massive benefits of resistant starch, which include increased body temperature, better digestion, healthy gut flora, better mood and energy, less bloating, and greater insulin sensitivity.  These are all benefits people would like to have.  The absolute best source is Bob’s Red Mill Potato STARCH not FLOUR. The starch per Tbs has 10 grams of carbs and 8 grams of those are resistant starch.  This makes it a very high dose and healthy source of RS.  Getting RS from food is trickier as heating food can reduce it, bananas have it unripened, but once ripe have none.  So basically foods may contain RS, but may lose it over time.  To make it easier I plan to just mix potato starch in water and drink it down.  The recommended range is 20-60 grams with the higher end showing no additional benefit. My goal since I have become such a huge fan of moderation and balance is to hit around 40 grams a day.  I plan to do 4-5 tbs a day or 32-40 grams of RS.  That will hit the perfect range and I will most likely get some more RS from other sources of food I eat (potatoes, beans, rice, oatmeal, unripe bananas).  Quick Note- don’t heat potato starch as this takes away the resistant starch.

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