Journal Entry 95

Morning Weight – 169lbs



  • Chest and Triceps
  • Bench 4×5 reps
  • INC DB Bench 3×8
  • CGBP 3×10
  • DB Flys 3×12
  • Skull Crusher 3×12
  • Bench Press 3x failure
  • Ab Roller with Mason Twists (abs) 3×10

Good workout today.  Got up to 195×4 reps on the bench, which I haven’t been able to surpass, but it still felt good to get it.  INC DB Press had an insane pump going in my chest.  My shoulders were still from Wednesday for some reason, so I couldn’t do heavy dips like I planned.  I subbed in CGBP with dumbbells instead.

Finished with some isolation exercises for chest and triceps.  Used 25lbs for both of these towards the end and I was so fatigued the weights actually felt heavy. Always a good sign though.

The last move was some high rep bench and got 135 lbs for 30 reps on one of my sets.  Felt pretty beast after knocking those out.



Two scoops of Elite XT new and improved flavor for breakfast and post-workout.  Got the banana nut flavor for free from  The flavor was good, but still had a fake banana taste, which I’m not a huge fan of.  The fudge brownie and rich vanilla are by far my favorite and the new versions taste even better than the old.

Also had a couple of protein bars, seafood for lunch and Domino’s Gluten free pizza for dinner. (the pizza was pretty good, but too small to justify the price. It was also much smaller than the pics on the internet made it look.)


Its going to start getting real cold here soon, so that cardio I was planning to start implementing isn’t going to happen haha.

Got a new lifting split though that I’m pretty excited about starting. Probably going to look similar to this:








2 chest days (my favorite) and hit the rest of the muscles at least once per week.  Weekends off.

My rep scheme will be a main heavy exercise first (4-5 sets of 4-6 reps), followed by two middle rep exercises (3sets of 8-12reps), then one isolation exercise for 3 sets of 12-15 reps.  Then ill probably finished with a burn set with very high reps at the end.

Overall, this week has been light on training.  Only two cardio sessions, one chest day on Monday and one back/shoulders day on Wednesday.  I plan to increase that next week to the plan listed above.

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