Journal Entry 94

Morning Weight – 169lbs (172lb-173lbs over the weekend)




  • 12 min run warmup
  • Ab exercises
  • Bench 7 sets of 15-3 reps
  • Ab exercises between
  • Dips 5 sets of 6 reps
  • 13 min weighted vest walk

Did some cardio over the weekend and noticed huge energy improvements from it.  I decided that I really was doing barely any cardio and I wanted to add in around 20-30 mins each day.

On days I lift Ill do ten mins to warmup and tens minutes after.

On off days I will do 30 mins of cardio with some Ab exercises mixed in.

Today’s workout was a heavy bench workout with a lot of volume.  I maxed out at 195lbs for 4 reps and pyramided down from there.  I was definetly feeling good today.  Finished with some Dips to work lower chest and triceps.  After the lifting session I did an incline walk with a weighted vest, which was much harder than I thought and was breathing pretty heavy afterward.  Adding on 25lbs definelty had an profound impact.


Chicken and Broccoli
Chicken and Broccoli
6oz red meat and onions
6oz red meat and onions
Weekend Vino
Weekend Vino
Shrimp  Onions  Broccoli Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato
Chicken  Sweet Potato  Veggies
Sweet Potato


Giants back in the playoff race after winning 4 straight; feels good.  On a side note the Hokies lost to Maryland; Pathetic.


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