Journal Entry 92 – My 23rd Birthday

Morning Weight – 169lbs



  • Back/Biceps/Traps
  • Weighted Chin-ups 8×8,6,5,5,8,8,10,12
  • DB Row 3×8-12 reps
  • Seated DB Curl 4×8-12 reps
  • Shrugs 10 sets (in between sets)

For my workout I’m trying something new.  Instead of a ton of different exercises, I plan on doubling the volume for the “main compound exercise” and doing less volume on the accessory exercises. I want to focus all my energy on the biggest exercise, rather than trying to conserve energy for exercises that aren’t nearly as effective.

The main move is somewhat of a pyramid scheme.  I start with a couple warmup sets, move into the heavy exercises and then drop the weight gradually and increase reps until I hit 8 sets.  Tried this on bench day and really enjoyed it.

Weighted Chinups went smoothly today and on the eight set I got a whopping 3 reps, so I finished with lat pulldown.  Moved on to DB row and had to drop down to 65lbs when I usually rep out 90lbs in the same rep range.  Pretty good indication your back is fried.  Mixed in some shurgs and band pull aparts in between sets.  Finished with some DB curls, which were incredibly hard after chinups.  The last move was 21’s with 20lb Db’s and only managed to get 15 total reps.


Chicken Potatoes Veggies Ezekiel Toast
Ezekiel Toast
2 whole eggs 4 oz red meat Broccoli and onions
2 whole eggs
4 oz red meat
Broccoli and onions

Its my 23rd birthday today, so I’m doing some Longhorn’s Steakhouse for dinner and some vino.  Even though I’m going to a steakhouse I’m actually getting napa grilled chicken, which is chicken in a butter and white wine sauce. One word: EPIC.  Im also getting a sweet potato and side salad with extra croutons. I ll post some pics tomorrow. ;).


No workout yesterday and I have had two low carb/calorie days in a row in order to burn some fat and make some room for the food I’m going to eat today.

Also wrote my post about carb cycling yesterday, which is a really good summary of what I’m currently doing.

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