Journal Entry 92

Morning Weight – 169lbs (172lbs over weekend)



  • Weekend
  • Saturday OFF
  • Sunday 45mins of cardio

Sunday was just a light jog and walk.  The weather was awesome and I didnt want to waste it.

Workout (Monday)

  • BB Bench 8×10-4repsDips 4×6; high rep finisher

    Inc Bench 3×8-12

    Skull Crusher 3×8-12

Big Bench workout.  Focused all my energy on Bench and then added in 3 accessory exercise to further break down the Chest and Triceps.  This is the way the creator of Leangains recommend lifting, AKA focus most of your attention on lifting more weight on the main exercise.  I ended up doing 195lbs by 4 reps for my top set.  After this I pyramided down by taking a little weight off each time and then increasing reps. Also repped 135lbs 27 times at the end.  Considering two years ago I could barely get this amount up ten times, I’d say I have made some appreciable gains.

By the time I reached the accessory exercises my chest was greatly fatigued and I couldn’t do much.  This is always a good sign to me though as it means the target muscle group is so fatigued, doing any more doesn’t really add more benefit.


Protein Pudding with Berries
Protein Pudding with Berries
Red Meat Zucchini, Tomatoes, Onions Parmesan Cheese
Red Meat
Zucchini, Tomatoes, Onions
Parmesan Cheese
3 packets of oatmeal Almond Milk 1 scoop of protein (Also had Pretzel sticks and a banana postworkout)
3 packets of oatmeal
Almond Milk
1 scoop of protein
(Also had Pretzel sticks and a banana postworkout)

Saturday was a moderate calorie day.

Sunday was pretty low in calories as I was somewhat bloated from the weekend.  I like going low on days right before a high day (Monday), because the low day actually enhances the effectiveness of the high day.  Usually when I’m retaining water like that, a low day usually takes care of the extra water retention fairly quickly.

Today is a high carb day to greatly increase my metabolism and muscle mass.  Giant bowl of oatmeal postworkout at work and most likely a ton of potatoes for dinner should get my to my 300 carb total.


Good weekend.  Went Downtown on Friday night and stayed at my friends place that recently moved in.  Saturday the VT game was on primetime and we actually looked really good and finally won again.

The GMEN also won yesterday, which is a 3 game win streak.  We are now right back in the playoff race, which is still pretty pathetic, but I’ll take it this season.

Also did some more reading on leangains and looked up peoples results, which are outstanding.  Really is incredible what people achieve in a short period of time using this system.  The creator of this diet really did pinpoint all the pros and cons of all diets and kind of combined them into one very effective program.

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