Journal Entry 76

Morning Weight – 165 lbs


  • Bench Press 5×10-4 (up to 185lbs)
  • DB Row 4×8 90lbs
  • Dips 8×12-5 (25lb vest)
  • Chinup Bar 4×8 (25lb vest)
  • INC DB Press 2×8 (60lbs)
  • TRI SET – Machine curl/Tri Pushdow/Lateral Raise 3×10
  • Frog Situps 3×10

Monster Upper Body workout today.  Bench felt really good and so did dips.  I love doing a workout like this to carry me over to the weekend.


Spaghetti squash for lunch today.  This stuff is really good and starchier than most vegetables, but still pretty low in carbs.  Threw in some pepperoni into it that made it taste real good.

Two large bananas today as well.


5 year high school reunion tonight, should be good times seeing everyone again.

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