Journal Entry 71

Morning Weight – 166lbs



  • Upperbody
  • DB Bench Press 4×6-8 (80lbs DB’s)
  • DB Row 4×10 (80lbs)
  • Dips 4×12
  • Chinups 4×8
  • Seated DB Curl SS with machine curls 3×8
  • Skull Crusher with Close Grip Bench Press 3×8

Upperbody Blast today.  Almost felt like a glorified arm workout.  Every single exercise hit the arms pretty heavy and was real pumped during the workout.  I’ve been getting lazy with legs here recently and should probably start throwing these back in, but right now I really dont feel like it. 😉


Vanilla Blueberry/Raspberry protein shake
Vanilla Blueberry/Raspberry protein shake


Bertucci's Calzone
Bertucci’s Calzone

Had a power crunch bar today, chocolate mint flavor and it was a let down.  I expected greatness out of it, since it had 13 grams of fat, but it was pretty plain tasting.  Probably not going to be buying these anymore in the future.   I’ll stick to quest bars, which taste a billion times better.

Tonight and recently, most nights this week, ill have a moderate amount of vino.  I prefer red for the health benefits it brings.

Also eating one of my favorite cheat meals: Bertucci’s Calzone.  Double chicken and mushroom with a side salad and epic croutons.  Doesn’t get much better than that.

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