Journal Entry 69

Morning Weight – 166.6lbs


  • None


2 oz red meat 3 whole eggs 3 oz chicken Pepperoni Broccoli
2 oz red meat
3 whole eggs
3 oz chicken

Had a low calorie day today, since I had no workout.  The PHD diet recommends a 20-25% deficit on rest days to increase insulin sensitivity and enhance the effects of overfeeding on your higher calorie days.  I got pretty low today around 1200 calories, but plan on feasting tomorrow for my shoulders/traps/abs workout.

The author mentions that during a diet you need at least 800 calories of glucose (about 120g of carbs and 90g of protein).  I had more protein and less carbs, but still got about 200 grams total.  Fat is the macro that needs to be eliminated the most on these days, but not completely eliminated.  He recommends around 50 grams of fat and a minimum of 1300 calories to lose weight in a healthy manner.  I was very close to these figures.


Learned some interesting facts about supplements, while reading the PHD book.  Apparently multi-vitamins aren’t as effective as individual supplements, mainly because you get more of vitamins you don’t need and less of ones you do need.  My multivitamins (performance multi from Costco) covers most of my needs on most vitamins.  However it is deficient or lacking in three crucial vitamins that are essential for good health; vitamin D, magnesium and iodine.  My multi contains all three of these, but not nearly enough, so I’m going to supplement more of these on top of the multi-vitamin I’m currently taking.

Its hard to get all the proper vitamins from food unless you eat a varied diet with lots of different foods.  Most likely most people, including myself would be deficient in relying on food alone, so I’m going to keep the multi-vitamin going and add in the select few I mentioned above to give me extra nutrition I need.

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