Journal Entry 67

Morning Weight – 166lbs


  • Chest and Triceps
  • BB Bench Press 6×10-3 (195×3 reps – Personal Best)
  • INC DB Press 3×8 (65lbs each)
  • Dips 4xAMAP
  • Chest Flys 3×10 – 30lbs
  • Tri Extension 3×12
  • CGBP – 3×10 – 80lbs

Felt awesome on the bench today.  I luckily had one of my clients spot me while training and was able to set two personal bests in the same workout.  Knocked out 185lbs for 6 reps, 190lbs for 5 reps and 195lbs for 3 reps.  Strength has been going through the roof here recently most likely thanks to all those whole eggs, butter, sweet potatoes, and bananas that I have started to eat way more of.

Really good feeling when weights you use to struggle with now feel really easy.


Breakfast was chocolate banana smoothie.

Snacks were a Quest Bar – White Chocolate Raspberry and a Supreme protein bar peanut butter and jelly.

Lunch was 3 whole eggs, 4 oz chicken, pepperoni and broccoli.

Dinner was 5 whole eggs, butter, sweet potato, cheese and some wine. (this meal was epic)

Too lazy to post pics 🙂


Breaking Bad was awesome last night and I really like they way the wrapped everything up.  Walter White died happy and repaired his relationship with Jesse.  Walter White also left money for his family and basically accomplished everything he wanted before dying.  Can’t ask for a better way to go out.

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