The Health Benefits of Butter

Butter is one of those foods everyone associates with being unhealthy and fattening.  Most people highly recommend avoiding it all costs as it leads to heart disease and clogs arteries.  In reality its one of the healthiest fats you can eat and has a ton of health benefits.  If there is anything you should watch out for it would be margarine.

Whipped Natural Butter
Whipped Natural Butter

Margarine is a chemically made “butter replacement” that is laced with inflammatory vegetable oils.  To make margarine they take out all of the natural healthy fats in butter and replace them with other oils that do nothing for the body.  I think I’ll pass on this one.

Here is a quick hit list of what butter can do for you:

  • Rich source of Vitamins A, D, E, K, selenium and iodine.  These vitamins are crucial for health, thyroid, energy and even preventing depression.  Butter Fat presents and easily digestible way to get these nutrients.
  • Rich in Lauric Acids – These burn more efficiently than other fats and also help treat fungal infections
  • Contains Arachidonic Acid essential for brain function and cell metabolism.
  • Lubricates joints by preventing hardening of arteries.  Very important for regular exercisers.
  • Contains Conjugated Linolenic acid. This prevents disease and sickness and supports muscle building.
  • Contains healthy amounts of cholesterol.  Cholesterol (contrary to popular belief) is actually crucially important for hormones and testosterone production.  On a cellular level cholesterol and testosterone are almost exactly the same.
  • Dates back as far as the Old Testament and even before that.  This means butter is a natural food that has been eaten for ages.  I wonder why all of a sudden it got the bad rap.
  • Is almost all Saturated fat, which is essential for cell membranes and hormones.
  • Allows your body to absorb more nutrients due to its fat content being easily assimilated into cells. (A quick note many carbohydrate based starches have anti-nutrients that actually inhibit your body’s absorption.  Butter is the opposite.)
  • Contains the perfect ratio of omega 3: omega 6, which allows for more efficient fat burning and health.  This is the ratio that is natural for the body and skewing the ratio in favor of too much omega 6 promotes inflammation, fat gains and disease. (Skip the margarine and get the real deal: Butter)

As you can see, butter does a little more for you than give you Heart disease as many people would have you to believe.  Try adding in some to your diet to replace your other fats and reap the benefits.

My Favorite Butter Recipes (Every Morning)

  • Coffee
  • 2 tsp of Whipped Sweet Cream Butter (recommend butter an alternative to coffee creamer)
  • Liquid Stevia (with no dextrose)
  • Note- There is research to show that butter mixed with coffee, instead of a high sugar coffee creamer, actually boosts your body’s natural fat burning in the morning.  So not only are you getting all of the benefits listed above, but also increased fat burning.  Highly recommend trying this out.


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