Journal Entry 37

Morning Weight – 166.6 lbs


  • DB Shoulder Press SS 4×6-8 (50lbs)
  • DB Lateral Raise 4×12 (15lbs)
  • Romanian Deadlift SS 4×8 (185×8, 155×8)
  • Pull-ups 4×8 Bodyweight
  • EZ bar curl Tri- set 3×8 (70, 60,60)
  • Front Barbell Lateral Raise 3×12 (30,20)
  • DB Rear-Delt Raise 3×15 (15, 10)
  • Bonus Abs
  • Ab Crunch Machine 4×8 (80lbs)
  • Oblique Twists 3×12 (110 lbs)

Shoulders are toast today.  They were kinda sore going in, but now there non-functional.  The deadlift superset with pull-ups was not easy and I had to rest a little longer than the workout called for.  Can’t move too fast though, because it limits the total amount of weight you can lift.  Also finished off with some bonus Abs today.


Today is my high carb day, which consisted of a lot of pizza and bread. ;).  By no means the healthiest sources, but very good. Shooting for at least 250 grams today.

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