The Difference Between What is Right and What is Easy

After doing this GH Circuits Reloaded, also posted in the goals section, I realized something I have been guilty of for quite awhile. THINKING I KNOW IT ALL.  In reality I know a lot, but in NO WAY do I know everything.

I kind of fell into a rut in my workout and couldn’t decide on what split I wanted to do.  I tried to stick to my favorite lifts all the time and build around those, but even some of my favorite lifts just weren’t doing it for me anymore.

After trying out this GH reloaded workout, it opened my eyes to have effective different workouts could be.  A simple switch from Seated DB shoulder press to Standing Barbell Push Press can work completely different muscles and spur new muscle gains.  Also, dropping rest periods and doing back to back exercises for the same body part is very, very hard and really challenges your muscles.  After doing two of these workouts it rocked my entire body and my muscles were literally shaking due to fatigue.  I always just made substitutions for the exercises I didn’t like for the ones I did, but that leads to a really big plateau.

Also never working on WEAK LINKS in your body is a huge mistake.  If anything ignore your strong points and ONLY focus on your weak links.  For example, elite runners can run all day, but they second they jump in the pool for a swim their done in about 2 minutes.  Another is someone who may be an elite bench presser, but can’t lift 50 lbs over their head to work shoulders.  This leaves the body in an uneven and weak state.

Doing what is EASY is 

  • Doing the same routine over and over and expecting different results
  • Never changing exercises
  • Thinking you know it all and dismissing all others advice
  • Never breaking bad habits
  • Working only on strengths and ignorning weakness

Doing what is RIGHT is

  • Constantly challenging yourself with different exercises
  • Taking advice from others
  • Never getting to a point where you think you know everything (because you don’t)
  • Ending bad habits and starting better ones
  • Focus on bringing up the weak points in balance with the strong points

Also, just because some workouts look “simple” on paper, doesn’t mean they are “easy.”  For example running 20 miles without stopping is a “simple” instruction, but is definitely not an easy one.

PS- I took this quote from Harry Potter.  Awesome Movie. ;).

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