Nicotine Gum – The Ultimate Fat Burner?

I must admit nicotine gum came as a surprise to me.  I research a lot of information and I generally tend to stay away from many harmful substances and unnecessary supplements that just end up burning a hole in your wallet and don’t do a whole lot else.  But the research on nicotine gum looks very promising.

Let me start by saying that most cigarettes and smokers take in around 40-60 mg of nicotine a day, every day and they also take in a lot of other harmful chemicals that the tobacco leaf naturally has.  Also, the smoke inhalation into the lungs is what causes lung cancer.  With cigarettes you’re getting a much higher dose, more direct dose, and harmful smoke directly into the body.

Nicotine gum avoids these harmful effects and isolates the nicotine only, which contains all the benefits.

To get all the benefits of nicotine, you only need between 1-4 mg a day not 40-60mg as most smokers take in.  As with most things in life, all things in moderation.

Let me list some of the benefits that you get from a very low dose of nicotine gum on a daily basis:

  • Raises lipoprotein lipase in muscle, but not in fat cells – (It means your muscles have an easier time of burning fatty acids and fat has a harder time storing it.)
  • It doesn’t burn out your adrenals by releasing excessive amounts of adrenaline (Fat Burners) – Most fat burners use adrenaline to get fat out of the cells to be burned, but the body catches on to this very quickly and you basically become immune to these expensive fat burners.  Key Point: Nicotine releases fat cells by a different means than fat burners and you don’t become “immune” to it.
  • Activates mTOR.  mTOR is one of the main anabolic pathways in the body and calorie restricted diets SHUT THIS DOWN.  Nicotine TURNS IT BACK ON.
  • Increase Nitrous Oxide.  Many Pre-Workout supplements that are incredibly expensive are sold for this main reason. Nitrous oxide increases blood flow to muscles, but just as with fat burners, the body quickly adapts and becomes “immune.” Not so with nicotine.
  • Activates the AMPK pathway.  Another crucial muscle building pathway that must be turned on for muscle growth, but it also prevents fat from being stored.  Double benefits on this one.
  • Prevents one of the main myostatin pathways from getting turned on. Myostatin is a protein that is released to PREVENT MUSCLES from GROWING.  Nicotine has been shown to prevent myostatin from being turned on.  In other words, allows your muscles to grow bigger.
  • Improves cognitive function.
  • Possibly the most interesting benefit- It increases Uncoupling Protein 1.  UCP1 regulates body heat in mammals and this DRASTICALLY decreases on a diet.  Its one of the main reasons people stop losing fat or plateau on low-calorie diets.  Nicotine has been show to turn UCP1 back on, allowing you to burn fat like normal even when calories go down.
  • Helps burn more fat while at rest and especially while your moving.
  • Appetite Suppressor.
  • Enhances dopamine, serotonin, and leptin.  Leptin is a very important fat burning hormone, that tends to decrease on diets.

How to take it:

Like I said earlier, nicotine can be bad if you smoke it in cigarettes and you’re also getting WAY MORE than you need.  To get all the benefits above you only need 1 – 4 mg a day.  Recommendations are to usually take it mid-morning and mid to early afternoon when many people seem to start “slumping in energy levels.”  Do NOT exceed more than 4 mg a day as your passing the point of diminishing returns and may start doing more harm than good.  As I stated earlier, all things in moderation.  More is not always better.

A few more tips:

  • Don’t take this late at night as it may interfere with sleep
  • Start with the lowest amount 1-2 mg a day, only once a day
  • Don’t eat or drink 30 minutes before or after ingestion (May cause stomach upset)
  • May work better on lower carb diets as carbs may interfere with some of these processes.
  • Your body doesn’t become immune nearly as fast as most other supplements, BUT its wise to cycle this in a 2 month on 1 month off fashion.  The reason is you want 1-4mg to be all you need to get benefits. If you NEVER cycled off of it then eventually you would need more and more and this is not good.

Bottom Line: Nicotine gum is a natural substance that when taken responsibly (1-4 mg a day) can yield some awesome benefits.  Nicotine is an energy booster, fat burner and muscle builder that seems to have FAR fewer negatives than many supplements that try to achieve the same benefits.

Sources: (Can Nicotine Safely Burn Fat and Build Muscle? The Surprising Benefits) – (Chemically Correct – Nicotine) (50 Hits of Nicotine)

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