John Meadows – Mountain Dog Diet Express

After putting it off for awhile I finally decided to be a paying member of John Meadows Mountain Dog Diet website.

John Meadows is one of the few names I trust in the world of nutrition.  There are tons of “experts” out there all giving contradictory information and next thing you know their completely changing their opinion.  (Read too much into nutrition and nothing makes sense anymore)

John Meadows keeps on top of all the up-to-date information and interviews the top, trusted nutritionists in the world.  He also explains and provides sources for all of his information.

As soon as I confirmed my subscription as a paying member, all of the locked content info that non-members don’t have access too became unlocked. Not going to lie it was like an early Christmas present or hitting a nutritional jackpot with access to all types of information and interviews.  I don’t know too many people that get excited about reading new nutritional articles, but I still do after 5 years of a lot of personal research.  I’m always eager to adopt new ways of thinking or improve on something I’m doing currently.  One big reason for that is if I’m going to give people nutrition information, I want to make sure it is correct or be able to back it up.

Since I’m going to be a personal trainer, I plan on staying up to date on all current nutrition and workout protocols. And for about $0.30 a day, I can finally do that.

One final note that is important when reading nutrition and health information – Make sure not to put all your eggs in one basket (AKA AVOID BIAS).  Way too many people get sucked into “one way of dieting” as the holy grail to all their problems or only listen to one expert and think that he/she knows everything.  On the other hand, some people (me in the past) used to listen to ALL of the experts and at times feel like you know nothing, because of all the conflicting information.

Put your trust in 3-4 experts that you trust the most and make sure these experts are not extremely biased in their nutritional opinions and preach balanced eating.  For example, some people (Keto dieters and Atkins dieters) look at carrot sticks like their fattening, (I’m serious) don’t be one of these people.  Protein, Carbs and Fat all have their place in the diet.

Looking forward to reading some of these articles.  Here is the link: Mountain Dog Diet.


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