Journal Entry 17

Morning Weight – 172.2

Coffee Protein Pudding Berries
Protein Pudding
Chardonnay Wine from Costco.  Muy Bien!
Chardonnay Wine from Costco. Muy Bien!


  • 5 mile run


Nutrition was much better than yesterday.  Started the day off with protein pudding which I definitely went too low in protein yesterday.  Went to Olive Garden for lunch and had lots of salad with Venetian Apricot Chicken, which is a very good and healthy meal.  Two chicken breast, broccoli and asparagus with a peach/apricot sauce.  Lot of protein and veggies.  Doing steamed chinese shrimp/chicken combo with broccoli tonight and some Vino since its the weekend.


Did a post about Gluten this morning.  Gluten is exactly going to enhance body composition, but its not the villain its made out to be either.  As long as you keep it down to dull roar in your diet, you should be fine.

Also heavily researched Freelancing today as a possible way to make money online.  Especially right now since I’m unemployed and have lots of free time on my hand.  Looks very interesting and something I would probably be very good at


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