Journal Entry 16

Morning Weight – 170


  • Back/shoulders/biceps/traps
  • Shrugs 4×8 (205)
  • Cleans 3×8 (85)
  • Pull-ups 4×10 (bw)
  • DB Row 4×10 (100)
  • DB Shoulder Press 4×15 (45lbs)
  • Lateral Raise 4×8 (20)
  • Mixed Biceps moves 4×8 (30lbs)


No pics today


Obtained my Lifestyle and weight management specialist CEU this morning.  Test was very hard and took me almost the full two hours to complete.  Learned some valuable skills including emotional hurdles and triggers people have when trying and failing to lose weight.

Workout was good especially when I got to DB rows and DB shoulder press.  Was repping those pretty good and really felt my muscles working.  I really love high reps on compound exercises, huge energy boosts and just feel insanley pumped up when I’m done.  Also, feel like compound exercises really give you a “workout” and isolation exercises can be done all day without a ton of benefits.

Nutrition today wasnt optimal as I went to Cici’s with some friends.  Didn’t really want the pizza (tasted like cardboard), but just trying to join my friends.  Tonight will include some wine and lots of protein as I’m running low on that today.

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