NESTA Certified!

I am officially a NESTA certified Personal Trainer.  I took the test this afternoon after studying for about 3-4 weeks.

The test was 125 questions, but only 100 of them counted.  There were 25 “filler” questions that were thrown out and didn’t count for you or against you.  You needed to get a 70 out of 100 to pass and I ended up with an 89. You were also allowed about 2 hours to take the test, but I finished in an hour.

There were 5 main categories it tested you on:

  • Assessment, Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Business Application
  • Exercise Application
  • Science
  • Program Design

Most of these were skewed toward the end in chapters 8-13.  If there is one thing I would really focus it on it would be program design. Learning about the NESTA Pyramid, mesocycling and when to start each new exercise phase.  Seemed to be a heavy emphasis on that.

The rest was pretty evenly spread out, but a lot of the content focused on the main ideas, which is what I figured.  There were also some very abstract questions that I had no idea about.  5-10 questions on there couldn’t have been more random and abstract.  Im guessing those are the ones that didn’t count.

Overall though I’m happy to get the studying behind me and move on to working in a gym.

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