The Benefits of Coconut

Coconut is the definition of a superfood.  A superfood has so many benefits for the body you would be crazy not to start eating it on a regular basis.  I’m always conscious of jumping on “food bandwagons”  and certain foods definitely have periods of hot and cold streaks proclaiming to be the next magical solution to human health.  But coconut seems to be living up to they hype and this was also a food that was one demonized because of its fat content.


Coconut is technically a fruit from the tropical area and instead of being high in sugar, like most fruits, coconut has most of its stored energy in the form of saturated fat. In fact, coconut is 90% saturated fat and most of the fat is medium-chain fatty acids.  Medium-chain fatty acids are broken down more efficiently and faster in the body.  These go straight to the liver after consumption and if you take them on an empty stomach it should give you an immediate energy boost.  Most fat consists of long-chain fatty acids, that can take about 3 hours before giving you noticeable energy.  Coconut is unique in that its energy is immediate.

The saturated fat in coconut is 50% lauric acid.  Lauric acid when digested can lead to a healthy digestive tract by killing harmful bacteria and pathogens in the body.

A recent study done on obese women, shows that just adding the simple addition of two tablespoons of coconut oil a day, reduced abdominal fat over time.

Most people don’t know this, but cooking oils for too long can spoil them.  Coconut oil is different in that the saturated fat it has, contains a very high boiling point.  This makes it ideal for cooking and also a very tasty and easy way to add coconut into your diet.  By the way, vegetable oils are the worse to cook with not only because their unhealthy, but also because cooking breaks them down very fast and makes them rancid.

Coconut’s have been shown to reduced cholesterol levels and improve heart health.  This coming right after the “all fat is bad era.”

Coconut has actually been shown to significantly improve overall metabolism and stimulate thyroid production.  This makes it very effective for weight loss and just overall energy levels.

Coconut also helps keep a healthy liver and is loaded with vitamins and nutrients.

As you can see from the benefits listed about coconut is a very powerful food that you should try to include in your diet.  Coconut comes in many forms such as oil, milk, cream, shredded, whole and probably many others.  I’ve seen some coconut products with the fat removed, but that defeats the purpose of consuming coconut.  Make sure the kind you eat is unrefined with all of its saturated fat included.  Coconut is relatively dense in calories, but the benefits it gives you make up for it.  My recommendation is just add a tablespoon to a stir-fry or buy some some shredded coconut and mix it in a protein shake.  Your body will be glad you did.


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