NESTA Certification

Morning Weight – 169 lbs



  • Back and Shoulders
  • DB Row 5×6-8 (115lb, 105, 100, 95) 115 is personal best
  • DB shoulder press 5×10-6 (55lbx10,9,8,7,3)
  • Wide-grip lat pulldown 4 x8
  • Cable face pull 4×12
  • V-bar pulldown 4×12-8
  • Lateral raise 3×8
  • Rear delt raise 3×10

Nutrition – Calories 2600; Carbs 260g; Fat 75g; Protein 150g

Breakfast Coffee Protein pudding Questbar PB cup
Protein pudding
Questbar PB cup
Post workout oats
Post workout oats
Quest bar chocolate brownie
Quest bar chocolate brownie
Apple pie protein shake
Apple pie protein shake
Some Vino
Some Vino


Woke up this morning and wrote a post on how under eating is detrimental to improving your body composition and achieving goals.  I’d argue your better off OVERFEEDING a little each day and then if you get too chubby, just take a few weeks off with a reasonable calorie deficit to lose fat.  With overfeeding you my get a little fat, but your also positively effecting muscle gains, hormones and positivity toward life.  Underfeeding is the exact opposite.

After I wrote the post I decided to finally get my personal training certification.  I went with NESTA because its valid for 4 years, where most are only valid for 2.  The cost is about $400 for the study materials and $250 for the exam.  I took the money from my graduation gifts as this was something I wanted to get for a long time, but never went through with.  The material covers 17 lessons which take about 30mins – 1 hr to complete, so I should be able to knock it out in about 5-6 days and take the exam sometime next week.  I’m looking forward to becoming certified as becoming a personal trainer is something I see myself really enjoying.

The workout today went well and I set a personal best on DB rows with 115lb dumbbells for 6 reps.  My back was so tired at the end of the workout lat pulldowns became too much to handle.  I completed my 100 pushups with ease, but the pull-ups weren’t happening today since I worked Back in the gym.  One thing I want to include in the workout, which I think has been really helping my results is a 1 mile or 5-10 min run before I lift.  Sometimes I go to the gym sluggish, but after I jump on the treadmill and blast some music, my blood flood greatly increases, my CNS (central nervous system) gets woken up and I’m ready to lift.  Only 5-10 mins or enough to complete 1 mile, because too much starts stealing energy from lifting weights.

Nutritionally today I ate my normal foods posted above, but tonight I’m having wine and Dominoes pizza.  I ordered the crust gluten free ;). (O wait no I didn’t) Like I said in my dietary views tabs, I really don’t care about gluten.  I don’t even eat that much wheat, so I probably only consume it once or twice a week anyway.  I’ll let you know if I wake up looking like a whale tomorrow.  As for the wine I usually save that for the weekends as the calories tend to add up fast.  But the stress relieving effects and good conversation can’t be beat.  Friday usually ends up being higher in calories then most days of the week with less than ideal sources of food, but since I worked hard in the gym today and my main goal at the moment is to build muscle, I’m not worried.

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