Adding Some Additional Girth (Experiment)

Morning Weight 170lbs


  • Chest and Triceps
  • DB Bench 6×4-8 (85×6 personal best ever)
  • Inc DB Bench 4×12-8
  • Dips 4×8
  • Cable chest flys 3×15
  • V-bar pushdown 3×8-12
  • Skull crusher 1×7 (couldn’t finish)

Nutrition – Calories 2300; Carbs 220; Fat 57g; Protein 211.

Protein pudding and quest bar
Protein pudding and quest bar
Vanilla oatmeal protein shake
Vanilla oatmeal protein shake
Dipping sauce
Apple Crisp
Greek yogurt and quest bar cravings pb cup
Greek yogurt and quest bar cravings pb cup


Workout went really well and I broke and earlier personal best that I set 3 days ago.  Really enjoying this sweet spot I’m at right now.  I basically eat the same balanced diet every day, make sure I’m eating enough and its like magic in the gym.  Weights I use to struggle with for years suddenly seem easy to me.  It definitely proves the power of food, when it comes to increasing strength and muscle.

Read an interesting article today by Chad Waterbury called Big Back, Big Chest, Real Fast.  Basically its a program designed to add inches to your chest and upper back.  Building these two muscles make your entire body look bigger.  The program couldn’t be more simple.  It requires doing 100 pushups and 50 pull-ups everyday, 6 days a week.  Over time it should become increasingly easy and add some size to your upper-body.  I’m going to add this to my current workout by simply spreading out the pushups and pull-ups throughout the day.  Finished all my reps today except for pull-ups.  Not going to lie its more challenging then it sounds, even when your spread out the reps throughout the entire day.  Should be interesting to see the results.

Nutritionally, I’ve been feasting all day.  Had a really good workout and didn’t want to waste it.  I already ate all my carbs for the day right before and after my workouts.  Attempted a healthy apple crisp recipe and it came out really good.  I always screwed these up in the past, but I definitely nailed it this time.  I’ll post the recipe for it in the respective tab on the home page.

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